The Identification of Knowledge and Educational Requirements for Secondary School Teachers in the Field of Health Education


The present society requires the individuals to have the ability to adapt to changes, as an instrument to achieve the full integration of all of its members. Problems related to health care, both individual and collective, are considered as an essential aspect in the set of social values. Thus, the value attributed to health and wellbeing is a relevant aspect in that set of social values. It can be stated that health education should be a guiding principle in the integral education of the person. In this sense, educational institutions should act as providing basic resources which allow individuals their full development, without forgetting health care and promotion through the development of educational programmes in the field of health. This research shows the design of an instrument for assessing the teachers’ degree of knowledge as regards school health and their attitude and predisposition to learn to solve situations related to health problems in the school context.

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Pérez-Jorge, D. , Hormiga, M. , Pérez, P. , Díaz-González, C. & Morales, M. (2015). The Identification of Knowledge and Educational Requirements for Secondary School Teachers in the Field of Health Education. Psychology, 6, 773-781. doi: 10.4236/psych.2015.66076.

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