Dry Friction with Various Frictions Laws: From Wave Modulated Orbit to Stick-Slip Modulated


Choices of excitation signals are important in engineering sciences and in physical simulations; a sufficient excitation can be critical in modelling a complicated nonlinear dynamic system. The discontinuous dynamic of a non-linear, friction-induced with two idealized periodical forced oscillators is studied. The dry friction in the system follows the classical Coulomb law, and various friction characteristics of dry friction laws in engineering sciences. To capture the presence of the two driving forces, the system must be studied as a function of their frequency-modulated and its equivalent amplitude modulated waveforms. Our numerical investigation shows a rich dynamical behaviour including periodic, quasi-periodic motions, thus a variable dynamics phenomenon among others; such as modulated waves, modulated stick-slip, periodic oscillation, and periodic stick-slip. It seems that such excitation forces can be used to conveniently identify the existence of nonlinearity, dry friction effects, and strength degradation in the system. The results achieved via the Coulomb’s law are compared with those obtained via two others particular friction laws: the complete model with Stribeck effect and Coulomb viscosity.

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Kluge, P. , Germaine, D. and Crépin, K. (2015) Dry Friction with Various Frictions Laws: From Wave Modulated Orbit to Stick-Slip Modulated. Modern Mechanical Engineering, 5, 28-40. doi: 10.4236/mme.2015.52004.

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