The Design and Application of Primary and Secondary Teacher Training Oriented Micro-Course


With the “Micro-era” coming, micro-course becomes a new popular course form because it is short, small, refined, and efficient with various teaching methods and wide fields. Using micro-course in teacher training can adapt to teachers’ learning features and meet their development demands. The quality of micro-course design decides the effectiveness of training. This paper presents the learning features and requirements of primary and secondary teachers as well as the superiorities of micro-course application, builds primary and secondary teacher training oriented micro-course design mode, and uses a series of micro-courses “Tutoring Teaching in the Multimedia Environment” of “National Training Program (2014)”—rural primary and secondary teacher distance training program in Guizhou province as an example to verify the mode.

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Wei, Y. , Yang, Y. , Zeng, X. and Yu, L. (2015) The Design and Application of Primary and Secondary Teacher Training Oriented Micro-Course. Creative Education, 6, 718-725. doi: 10.4236/ce.2015.68074.

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