Application of SimaPro7 on Al-Hilla City Sewerage Network, Iraq


SimaPro is a software package designed to make a valuable contribution for analyzing the environmental impact on products during their whole life cycle. A huge amount of knowledge about the environment is built into the program and database, enabling to analyze a product with a minimum of specialized knowledge. In this study, SimaPro was used to analyze and evaluate the impacts that resulted from sewerage network in Al-Hilla city, Iraq. The results of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) showed that sewerage network had an impact and damage on the environment by 291 points for every cubic meter of collect wastewater. The most potential environmental impacts were global warming, respiratory inorganics and non-renewable energy, contributing to the sewerage network. The study also showed that most of the effects were as a result of energy consumption in the pumping of wastewater, pipes used and diesel using for network operation.

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Alanbari, M. , Alazzawi, H. , Al-Ansari, N. and Knutsson, S. (2015) Application of SimaPro7 on Al-Hilla City Sewerage Network, Iraq. Engineering, 7, 224-229. doi: 10.4236/eng.2015.75019.

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