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Distribution of Points of Interpolation and of Zeros of Exactly Maximally Convergent Multipoint Padé Approximants

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Given a regular compact set E in , a unit measure μ supported by , a triangular point set , and a function f , holomorphic on E , let πβ,fn,m be the associated multipoint β-Padé approximant of order (n,m) . We show that if the sequence πβ,fn,m , n∈Λ , n,k are uniformly distributed on with respect to u as n∈Λ . Furthermore, a result about the behavior of the zeros of the exact maximally convergent sequence Λ is provided, under the condition that Λ is “dense enough”.

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Kovacheva, R. (2015) Distribution of Points of Interpolation and of Zeros of Exactly Maximally Convergent Multipoint Padé Approximants. Applied Mathematics, 6, 737-744. doi: 10.4236/am.2015.65069.


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