A Robust Multi-RAT VANET/LTE for Mixed Control & Entertainment Traffic


Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) have been receiving significant interest from various stakeholders worldwide. ITS promise major enhancements to the efficiency, safety, convenience and sustainability of transportation systems. To satisfy the diverse vehicular application requirements, this paper proposes an integration of IEEE 802.11-based VANET and LTE cellular network using mobile vehicular gateways. IEEE 802.11 g is used for V2V communications and LTE for V2I communications. A burst communication technique is applied to prevent packet losses in the critical uplink ITS traffic. A performance simulation-based study is conducted to validate the feasibility of the proposed system in an urban vehicular environment. The system performance is evaluated in terms of data loss, data rate, delay and jitter. The results indicate that the proposed Multi-RAT system offers acceptable performance that meets the requirements of the different vehicular applications.

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Sadek, N. , Halawa, H. , Daoud, R. and Amer, H. (2015) A Robust Multi-RAT VANET/LTE for Mixed Control & Entertainment Traffic. Journal of Transportation Technologies, 5, 113-121. doi: 10.4236/jtts.2015.52011.

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