Research on Modes of Cargo Ro-Ro, Drop and Pull Transport in Land-Sea Transportation Channel between Shandong and Liaoning


In order to accelerate national industrial upgrading of transportation and deepen the development of logistics industry, it is imperative to construct the land-sea transportation channel between Shandong and Liaoning provinces. Taking practical situations of the two places into account, the paper aims to investigate the application of M to N mode in the process of cargo roll on-roll off, drop and pull transport and then elaborate the site selection issue of drop and pull centers from the perspective of P-median model. Meanwhile, the paper proposes to adopt “south bridging-north rolling” concept to build a brand new transportation channel which combines the cross-sea bridge with ro-ro ferry concerning the natural conditions in Bohai Bay. Corresponding solution to each project will be put forward at last.

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Liu, Y. , Li, Y. and Chen, J. (2015) Research on Modes of Cargo Ro-Ro, Drop and Pull Transport in Land-Sea Transportation Channel between Shandong and Liaoning. Journal of Service Science and Management, 8, 229-235. doi: 10.4236/jssm.2015.82025.

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