Extreme Rainfall Event Analysis Using Rain Gauges in a Variety of Geographical Situations


About 30 years of measurements made by the rain gauges located in Piedmont (Italy) have been analyzed. Rain gauges have been divided into 4 datasets considering the complex orography near Turin, namely the flatlands, mountains, hills and urban areas. For each group of gauges, the Generalized Extreme Values (GEV) distributions are estimated considering both the entire dataset of available data and different sets of 3 years of data in running mode. It is shown that the GEV estimated parameters temporal series for the 3 years dataset do not present any specific trend over the entire period. The study presented here is preliminary to a future extreme rainfall event analysis using high temporal and spatial resolution X-band weather radar with a limited temporal availability of radar maps covering the same area.

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Bertoldo, S. , Lucianaz, C. and Allegretti, M. (2015) Extreme Rainfall Event Analysis Using Rain Gauges in a Variety of Geographical Situations. Atmospheric and Climate Sciences, 5, 82-90. doi: 10.4236/acs.2015.52006.

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