Comparative Introduction to Socionomy and Psychonomy


Socionomy and psychonomy coined by this author primarily teach the philosophical origins and true meaning of sociology from 18th century CE philosophical arguments that human societies can exist and survive without religion and God. Following this existing study framework, the research aims at proving that sociology and sociologists do not or have not really understood the true origin and true meaning of sociology, which through this research objectives and conclusions, clearly show that sociology is an anti-God so-called positivist philosophy of science that condemns the thirty-year Protestant-Catholic wars by totally condemning religion and God without adequately analyzing the roles of human religious psychology (psychonomy) and human doctrine in the entire saga.

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Nnaji, C. (2015) Comparative Introduction to Socionomy and Psychonomy. Open Journal of Philosophy, 5, 184-188. doi: 10.4236/ojpp.2015.53022.

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