Adult Patient Doses for Chest, Skull and Lumbar Spine Examinations


A dosimetry study for chest, skull and lumbar spine examinations in adults has been carried out at two hospitals. The aim of the study was the assessment of adult patient’s dose for chest PA, chest LAT, skull AP and lumbar spine AP examinations. The Entrance Surface Dose (ESD) and the Effective Dose (ED) for each examination were obtained using DoseCal software. For each examination, different results were obtained at the two hospitals. At hospital A (IFF Hospital), the total number of patients studied was 140. The mean ESD values obtained for chest PA, chest LAT, skull AP and lumbar spine AP were 0.20 mGy, 0.47 mGy, 1.25 mGy, and 1.61 mGy, respectively. At hospital B (HGB Hospital), the total number of patients studied was 369 for similar examinations and projections. The ESD values were 0.10 mGy, 0.28 mGy, 0.66 mGy and 2.47 mGy, respectively. The mean ED values at hospital A and B were 0.02 mSv and 0.01 mSv for chest PA, 0.04 mSv and 0.03 mSv for chest LAT, 0.1 mSv and 0.06 mSv for skull AP, and 0.15 mSv and 0.26 mSv for lumbar spine AP, respectively. The results were compared with the European Community Reference Levels. Although the doses were low, there was still a need for personnel training and national guidance on good practice for optimization of patients’ doses.

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Mohamadain, K. , Habbani, F. and Ibrahim, S. (2015) Adult Patient Doses for Chest, Skull and Lumbar Spine Examinations. Open Journal of Radiology, 5, 44-49. doi: 10.4236/ojrad.2015.51008.

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