Antioxidant, Collagen Synthesis Activity in Vitro and Clinical Test on Anti-Wrinkle Activity of Formulated Cream Containing Veronica officinalis Extract


In this study, our objective was to evaluate the antioxidant, cytotoxicity and collagen synthesis activity in vitro and also to test the anti-wrinkle effect of formulated cream containing Veronica officinalis extract in vivo. Antioxidant evaluation was based on the scavenging activity of free radicles (DPPH) and procollagen type 1 protein (P1P) synthesis test was performed in fibroblast cell. Clinical anti-wrinkle activity was performed on female subjects in placebo-controlled trail. Verbascoside (an isolated compound) showed higher (IC50 value of 36.24 ± 1.81 μg/ml) free radicle inhibition activity but weaker collagen synthesis activity. The ethanolic extract showed good inhibition to DPPH free radicals and also showed a significant effect in collagen synthesis activity without cytotoxicity. In the in vivo study, treatment with the formulated cream (Scoti-Speedwell) for 56 days significantly reduced the percentage of wrinkle area and length with 18.0% and 16.05%, respectively. Overall, Veronica officinalis extract containing product (Scoti-SpeedwellTM) can be regarded as a potent anti-wrinkle agent in human skin.

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Lee, H. , Ghimeray, A. , Yim, J. and Chang, M. (2015) Antioxidant, Collagen Synthesis Activity in Vitro and Clinical Test on Anti-Wrinkle Activity of Formulated Cream Containing Veronica officinalis Extract. Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications, 5, 45-51. doi: 10.4236/jcdsa.2015.51006.

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