Viscosity Transient Phenomenon during Drop Impact Testing and Its Simple Dynamics Model


Most soft materials behave as if they were hardened when subjected to an impact force. The strain rate dependence of viscosity resistance is the reason for this behavior. The authors carried out drop impact tests on several types of soft materials under the condition of a flat frontal impact. The impact force waveform of soft materials was found to consist of a thorn-shaped waveform and a succeeding mountain-shaped waveform. Based on our experimental observations, we believe that a large viscosity resistance is rapidly changed to a small resistance in the course of the impact. In the present study, the cause of this distinct waveform is discussed based on a dynamics model. The study applies a standard linear solid (SLS) model in which the viscosity transient phenomenon is considered is applied. Three types of impact force waveforms of actual soft materials are simulated using the SLS model. Some features of the impact force waveform of soft materials can be explained using the SLS model.

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Liu, C. , Tanaka, Y. and Fujimoto, Y. (2015) Viscosity Transient Phenomenon during Drop Impact Testing and Its Simple Dynamics Model. World Journal of Mechanics, 5, 33-41. doi: 10.4236/wjm.2015.53004.

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