Traditions and Tendencies of the Dagestan Education


Modern system of education is filled with contradictions of the age-old traditions and broken reforms, trying to succeed the rhythm of public changes. Moslem education has been instilling in Dagestan and other national republics of the Northern Caucasus, interrupted less than an age of Soviet power. Nowadays, Islamic education is being developed intensive enough, that is why we dare say that Islamic educational institutions of Modern Dagestan have become a component part of All-Russian and International Islamic educational network. Dagestan Islamic education developing tendency brings its negatives into cultural and educational situations. In social consciousness, a negative image of secular sciences is being formed, which prevents Dagestan Education from including into modern education. Consequently, forming a united educational space in the region and its further entry into the world, a number of cultural references are proposed. Taking into consideration an obvious community of historic fates, the regional people will have to realize its deep and mental foundations to determine spiritual monolith. Educational and cultural policy of Dagestan as well as all Moslem Northern Caucasus must proceed from religious tendency, which is becoming more important in modern education. Dagestan educational traditions and tendencies form a concrete and historic integral system, imbued with many contradictions. It takes a united effort from scientists, politicians, organisers of science and education to solve such problems.

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Bilalov, M. (2015) Traditions and Tendencies of the Dagestan Education. Open Journal of Social Sciences, 3, 165-173. doi: 10.4236/jss.2015.32022.

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