The FDI of Small- and Middle-Sized Enterprises: A Literature Review


In recent years, increasing SMEs (small- and middle-sized enterprises) started internationalization, and FDI became an important approach for SMEs to participate in international activities. As traditional FDI theories explain little about the FDI activities of small and medium companies, the paper reviews the related literatures about the FDI of SME, classifies the motives of conducting FDI, elaborates the decision-making process, concludes the investment performance and summarizes the related empirical studies and the defects of existing literature.

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Pu, H. and Zheng, Y. (2015) The FDI of Small- and Middle-Sized Enterprises: A Literature Review. Technology and Investment, 6, 63-70. doi: 10.4236/ti.2015.61006.

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