Mathematical Analysis of Control Strategies of HCV in a Community with Inflow of Infected Immigrants


In this paper, we derive and analyse rigorously a mathematical model of control strategies (screening, education, health care and immunization) of HCV in a community with inflow of infected immigrants. Both qualitative and quantitative analysis of the model is performed with respect to stability of the disease free and endemic equilibria. The results show that the disease free equilibrium is locally stable at threshold parameter less than unity and unstable at threshold parameter greater than unity. Using Lyapunov method, endemic equilibrium is globally stable under certain conditions. Numerical simulation of the model is implemented to investigate the sensitivity of certain key parameters on the HCV model in a community with inflow of infected immigrants. However, analysis shows that screening, education, health care and immunization have the effect of reducing the transmission of the disease in the community.

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Ainea, N. , Massawe, E. , Makinde, O. and Namkinga, L. (2015) Mathematical Analysis of Control Strategies of HCV in a Community with Inflow of Infected Immigrants. Advances in Infectious Diseases, 5, 1-13. doi: 10.4236/aid.2015.51001.

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