Thermochemical Parameters of Tetramethylthiourea Adducts of Certain Metal(II) Bromides


Complexes of the general formula [MBr2(TMTU)n] (where M is Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn or Cd; TMTU is Tetramethylthiourea; n is 0.75, 2 or 3) were obtained by the reaction of salts and ligand in solution. The bromides were selected among several other salts because they had thermochemical data in the literature. Properties as capillary melting points; C, H, N, Br and metal contents; TG/DTG and DSC curves; and IR and electronic spectra were determined. The values of several thermodynamic parameters for the complexes were found by solution calorimetry. From them, the standard enthalpies of the metal-sulphur coordinated bonds were calculated. The standard enthalpies of the formation of the gaseous phase adducts also were estimated.

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Dunstan, P. (2015) Thermochemical Parameters of Tetramethylthiourea Adducts of Certain Metal(II) Bromides. Open Journal of Physical Chemistry, 5, 9-19. doi: 10.4236/ojpc.2015.51002.

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