Management of a Severe Form of Verneuil’s Disease in Its Genitoperineal Localisation in Bobo-Dioulasso


The authors report a severe form of genitoperineal localisation of Verneuil’s disease managed in a surgical environment, having evolved favorably with improvement of the patient’s quality of life, but persistence of unsightly skin scars. They insist on the unexceptional nature of this disease whose prognosis is reserved, sometimes leaving severe functional sequelae. The long evolution of the disease with prolonged hospitalization in a professionally active young patient and the extension of suppurations to the perineal, scrotal and inguinal regions was the features of this observation. After wide excision of the lesions with antibiotic associated with local care, evolution had taken to complete wound healing with improved quality of life and a recovery of his professional activity.

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Cyprien, Z. , Adama, O. , Timothée, K. , Edgar, O. , Boukary, D. , Ibrahim, T. , Drissa, B. , Bakary, S. , Delphine, Y. and Simon, T. (2015) Management of a Severe Form of Verneuil’s Disease in Its Genitoperineal Localisation in Bobo-Dioulasso. Open Journal of Urology, 5, 13-18. doi: 10.4236/oju.2015.52003.

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