Comparative Study on Travel Agency Management System in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan


Tourism is one of the pillar industries in Hong Kong and Taiwan; they have accumulated a set of more perfect and mature management system in travel agency and operation mechanism. The current development of China’s travel industry still has a lot of room for improvement. Referencing and learning travel agency industry management experience of Hong Kong and Taiwan will promote our tourism industry management process. The study focuses on the difference of the mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan’s tourism management system and their respective advantages of management. Then it puts forward corresponding suggestions according to the present situation of the development of travel industry of the mainland, and provides reference for the travel industry management and the organization system innovation.

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Wen, J. and Hou, P. (2015) Comparative Study on Travel Agency Management System in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. American Journal of Industrial and Business Management, 5, 37-43. doi: 10.4236/ajibm.2015.51005.

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