Research on American English Translation of Chinese Signs in Baoding from the Perspective of Cultural Differences


This thesis aims at analyzing the American English translation of Chinese signs in Baoding from the perspective of cultural differences. The thesis researches on signs translation from a new angle by separating American English translation from British English translation and puts special emphasis on American English signs translation, which may be helpful to the standardization of signs translation in China. Through digging out the cultural differences from different thinking mode, value, and usage of the words, the author tries to show how to make the translation purer and tries to revise the translation.

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Zhao, N. , Ma, R. and Du, X. (2015) Research on American English Translation of Chinese Signs in Baoding from the Perspective of Cultural Differences. Open Journal of Modern Linguistics, 5, 1-5. doi: 10.4236/ojml.2015.51001.

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