Additional Comments Added to Our Recent Answer to G. Ghirardi


Recently we published on International Journal of Theoretical Physics an answer to G. Ghirardi relating a paper published by this author in 1999. Since the argument is so complex and articulated, in the present paper we add further comments relating in particular the matter of the quantum collapse as we have elaborated it in our previous work using only Clifford algebra and thus reaching the basic result that it is a mechanism involving only information with a cybernetic collapse and retrocollapse dynamics as first it was introduced by Costa de Beauregard. We evidence as quantum collapse involves directly our psyche and our consciousness that of course is by itself an entity selecting alternatives on the basis of quantum rules. According to our previous experiments we also add comments on the possibility to estimate quantum interference at the level of perception and cognitive dynamics and reconstruct the wave function giving the possibility such result to discriminate between pure quantum superposition of states and mixtures just to re-confirm the role of quantum mechanics at the basic structure of mental entities.

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Conte, E. (2015) Additional Comments Added to Our Recent Answer to G. Ghirardi. Journal of Modern Physics, 6, 12-15. doi: 10.4236/jmp.2015.61002.

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