Socio-Economic Impacts of Flooding on the Residents of Port Harcourt Metropolis in Rivers State, Nigeria


Floods are naturally occurring phenomena that are part of the physical and biological process which have shaped our nation’s landscape. It occurs in Nigeria environment when there is heavy rain fall for prolonged period of time. The data collection for this research was by use of primary and secondary information; questionnaire was administered by face to face interviews and key informant surveys. Analytical technique was the univariate statistical methods. The results revealed that there is clear evidence of damages to properties and that there are hazards and risks faced by these households as shown in Tables 1-4 respectively. Table 3 specifically shows the financial losses incurred annually by residents to the tune 5 million naira and above. However, the continued hazards and risks as a result of flood incidence have affected their overall income which hitherto is found within (N20000.00 - N25000.00) about 22.8% of the respondents fall in this income bracket. Furthermore, the research also revealed that about 30% say the flood has affected their income, while 29.4% say their buildings are affected. Also about 37.8% of respondents say that the flood incidence occurs all through the rainy season. The research recommends an aggressive review of the Port Harcourt Master Plan and the implementation of the development control tools in the 1992 Urban and Regional Planning Law.

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Ikechukwu, E. (2015) Socio-Economic Impacts of Flooding on the Residents of Port Harcourt Metropolis in Rivers State, Nigeria. Natural Resources, 6, 1-8. doi: 10.4236/nr.2015.61001.

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