Surface Analysis Correlated with Structural and Mechanical Properties of Laser Irradiated Brass


Brass targets were irradiated with various laser pulses of Excimer laser ranging from 1200 to 3000 for constant fluence of 3.4 J/cm2 in oxygen atmosphere (100 Torr). The surface morphology and crystallographic analyses were performed by using Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and X-Ray Diffractometer (XRD). SEM analysis reveals the formation of laser-induced micro-sized cavities, bumps, cones and wave-like ridges with non-uniform shape and density distribution. These features are formed for all number of pulses; however with increasing number of pulses from 1200 to 2400, the density of cavities decreases whereas, the wave-like ridges become more pronounced and bump-formation is vanished. For maximum number of 3000 shots, the appearance of cones and wave-like ridges becomes diffusive, whereas the density and size of cavities increase again. XRD analysis demonstrates that no new phases are formed in irradiated brass. However, the change in peak intensity along with lower and higher angle shifting is observed which is attributed to generation of laser induced stresses. The Yield Stress (YS), Ultimate Tensile Strength (UTS) as well as Microhardness increase monotonically with increasing number of laser pulses.

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Ahmad, S. , Bashir, S. , Yousaf, D. , Ali, N. and Hussain, T. (2015) Surface Analysis Correlated with Structural and Mechanical Properties of Laser Irradiated Brass. Materials Sciences and Applications, 6, 23-32. doi: 10.4236/msa.2015.61004.

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