Modeling of Growth Kinetics of Conifer Trees


The kinetics of growth of conifers is modeled by the dependence of the area of tree rings on time. The data on the growth of 46 coniferous trees varying in age from 35 to 242 years, found in the literature are analysed. To identify the common patterns in the growth kinetics, we investigate the series of standard increments of tree rings for pine, spruce, and larch. The curves obtained reflect adequately the ontogeny of trees. These allow the analysis of the environmental effects’ on the physiology of trees. In such a way the accelerated growth of trees in the Tunguska meteorite explosion zone is established. The proposed method of dendrochronology based on the area of tree rings is more adequate and informative than the method based on tree-rings’ widths.

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Kholmanskiy, A. (2015) Modeling of Growth Kinetics of Conifer Trees. Open Journal of Forestry, 5, 21-27. doi: 10.4236/ojf.2015.51003.

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