Zero-Point Field, QED Coherence, Living Systems and Biophotons Emission


Living organisms are high ordered and organized systems accumulating and successively using low entropy energy to support all the processes needed for life. This low level of entropy is a required condition in order to make possible the use of endogenous energy for producing, for example, mechanical work. The commonly accepted picture of condensed matter physics, exclusively considering the perturbative coupling between QED Zero-Point-Field also known as “Quantum Vacuum” and the matter system, is unable to thoroughly explain the true origin of this low entropy energy reservoir and its dynamics. Recent researches instead suggested that energy and mass of every particle or body could be actually considered as arising from Quantum Vacuum dynamics which, in turn, can exhibit, under suitable conditions always occurring in the case of living systems, a coherent behavior characterized by a strong phase correlation between matter and an electromagnetic field trapped inside this ensemble. In this paper the preliminary model of Quantum Vacuum already proposed by author is reformulated in terms of QED coherence in condensed matter showing it is able to explain the origin of internal energy stock of living organisms. Within this theoretical framework, an interpretation of some important experimental results about biophotons emission by living systems under the influence of external stimuli is also proposed, suggesting their origin could also arise from Quantum Vacuum dynamics. This model, as shown, opens very interesting and exciting scenarios of further developments in the understanding of the birth and dynamics of life.

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Caligiuri, L. (2015) Zero-Point Field, QED Coherence, Living Systems and Biophotons Emission. Open Journal of Biophysics, 5, 21-34. doi: 10.4236/ojbiphy.2015.51002.

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