Rheumatoid Arthritis of Man: A Study of 35 Cases in a Senegalese Hospital


Background: Rheumatoid arthritis is predominant in women. In men certain clinical signs can delay diagnosis. Methods: A cross-section study of the epidemio-clinical and immunobiological features of rheumatoid arthritis in a male, black African population was carried out at the Aristide Le Dantec, University hospital of Dakar. Results: we studied 35 male subjects with rheumatoid arthritis. Their mean age was 42 years and the average time between the onset of symptoms to diagnosis was 44 months. In 70% of these patients, at least one joint deformation was present, most frequently an ulnar deviation of the fingers (34.3%). Extra-articular symptoms were dominated by dry eye syndrome (34%) and anemia (17%). Anemia was significantly less frequent in men than in women. The erythrocyte sedimentation rate was accelerated in 51.4% and C reactive proteins were increased in 92% of patients. The rheumatoid factor was positive in all patients and the anticyclic Citrullinated Peptide (CCP) antibody was positive in 80% of cases. Conclusion: Male rheumatoid arthritis, relatively less studied, was associated with strongly positive immunological markers and a high rate of joint disorders.

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Ndongo, S. , Pouye, A. , Ouedraogo, L. , Azankpan, E. , Diack, N. and Diop, T. (2014) Rheumatoid Arthritis of Man: A Study of 35 Cases in a Senegalese Hospital. Open Journal of Internal Medicine, 4, 137-142. doi: 10.4236/ojim.2014.44021.

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