3D-Analysis of Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction in Layered Soil


The analysis of building structure in contact with soil involves an interactive process of stresses and strains developed within the structure and the soil field. The response of Piled-Raft Foundation system to the structure is very challenging because there is an important interplay between the component of building structure and the soil field. Herein, soil-foundation-structure interaction of buildings founded on Piled-Raft Foundation is evaluated through 3D-Nonlinear Finite Element Analyses using PLAXIS3D FOUNDATION code. The soil settlements and forces demand of the high-rise building structures and foundation is computed. The parametric study affecting the soil-foundation-structure response has been carried out. The parameters such as construction phasing, sequential loading, building aspect ratios, soil failure models and thickness proportion of soil field stiff layer, are considered. It is concluded that the interaction of building foundation-soil field and super-structure has remarkable effect on the structure.

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Ahmed, M. , Mohamed, M. , Mallick, J. and Hasan, M. (2014) 3D-Analysis of Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction in Layered Soil. Open Journal of Civil Engineering, 4, 373-385. doi: 10.4236/ojce.2014.44032.

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