Aberrant Adrenocortical Tissue Associated with Resected Lipoma of Spermatic Cord in an Adult


Aberrant adrenocortical tissue in spermatic cord is rare in adult population. We report an unusual case of a 52-year-old male patient with an aberrant adrenocortical tissue which is incidentally resected within lipoma of spermatic cord and identified on microscopic examination. Although he was diagnosed with right inguinal hernia, there was no significant hernia orifice intraoperatively. When the 2nd operation by anterior open approach was undergone, there was a fat-like tissue adhered to the spermatic cord. It was removed and the histopathological finding first revealed aberrant adrenocortical tissue in the resected lipoma of spermatic cord (Figure 1). This abnormal tissue is usually found incidentally during inguinal operation. In general, most of the aberrant adrenal tissue becomes atrophic by adult life. Moreover, it is not clinically significant and also not associated with endocrine abnormalities.

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Takeuchi, M. , Okuya, K. , Kato, R. , Miyao, N. and Konishi, Y. (2014) Aberrant Adrenocortical Tissue Associated with Resected Lipoma of Spermatic Cord in an Adult. Open Journal of Urology, 4, 151-154. doi: 10.4236/oju.2014.412026.

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