Severity of Leaf Rust and Brown Eyespot in Genotypes of Coffea arabica L. Cultivated with High Plant Density


This study investigated the severity of leaf rust and brown eyespot in genotypes of Coffea arabica L. cultivated with high plant density in the region of Caparaó-ES. The experiment was conducted in a competition field, cultivated with high plant density (8333 plants per hectare), following a randomized block design, with 16 genotypes and four replications. The plants were evaluated during consecutive harvests to study two complete reproductive cycles (from 2010 to 2012). Data were obtained for the phenologicalstages of flowering, graining, maturation and vegetative rest of each cycle. The severity of leaf rust (Hemileia vastratrix) and brown eyespot (Cercospora coffeicola) was evaluated using descriptive scales. It was observed that the genotypes are able to keep a considerable level of resistance to the leaf rust and brown eyespot when cultivated with increased density. The genotypes presented variability regarding the severity of the leaf rust and brown eyespot, indicating the existence of differential levels of resistance between them. For cultivation with high plant density, the genotypes Katipó, Paraíso MG H419-1, H419-3-3-7-16-4-1-1, Araponga MG1, Catucaí Amarelo 24/137, Catiguá MG2, Sacramento MG1, Pau-Brasil MG1, Catiguá MG3, Oeiras MG 6851 and Tupi present higher level of resistance for leaf rust. In addition, the genotypes Paraíso MG H419-1, Catiguá MG2, Pau-Brasil MG1, Catiguá MG3, Oeiras MG 6851, Tupi, Catuaí IAC 44, Catuaí IAC 81 and Catuaí IAC 144 present higher level of resistance for brown eyespot.

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Rodrigues, W. , Tomaz, M. , Apostólico, M. , Colodetti, T. , Martins, L. , Christo, L. , Brinate, S. , Jesus Jr., W. and Amaral, J. (2014) Severity of Leaf Rust and Brown Eyespot in Genotypes of Coffea arabica L. Cultivated with High Plant Density. American Journal of Plant Sciences, 5, 3702-3709. doi: 10.4236/ajps.2014.525386.

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