The Application of Cluster Analysis in the Classification of China’s Modern Service Industries


The current classified researches on the modern service industries are mainly based on the state statistical standards and for the practical consideration. However, these researches which based on qualitative analysis and experience are not enough for the further study of the industrial development and internal structure relationship of the modern service industries. By further definiting the connotation and characteristics of the modern service industries, this paper selects the quantitative indexes reflecting the development of the modern service industries and adopts cluster analysis to make a quantitative research on the classification of the modern service industries from the position of the academic research and the perspective of the development of the industry internal structure, hoping to lay some foundation for the further theoretical studies of modern service industries.

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Yang, W. and Miao, R. (2014) The Application of Cluster Analysis in the Classification of China’s Modern Service Industries. Journal of Service Science and Management, 7, 377-389. doi: 10.4236/jssm.2014.76035.

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