Experimental and FEM Modal Analysis of a Deployable-Retractable Wing


The aim of this paper is to conduct experimental modal analysis and numerical simulation to verify the structural characteristics of a deployable-retractable wing for aircraft and spacecraft. A modal impact test was conducted in order to determine the free vibration characteristics. Natural frequencies and vibration mode shapes were obtained via measurement in LMS Test. Lab. The frequency response functions were identified and computed by force and acceleration signals, and then mode shapes of this morphing wing structure were subsequently identified by PolyMAX modal parameter estimation method. FEM modal analysis was also implemented and its numerical results convincingly presented the mode shape and natural frequency characteristics were in good agreement with those obtained from experimental modal analysis. Experimental study in this paper focuses on the transverse response of morphing wing as its moveable part is deploying or retreating. Vibration response to different rotation speeds have been collected, managed and analyzed through the use of comparison methodology with each other. Evident phenomena have been discovered including the resonance on which most analysis is focused because of its potential use to generate large amplitude vibration of specific frequency or to avoid such resonant frequencies from a wide spectrum of response. Manufactured deployable-retractable wings are studied in stage of experimental modal analysis, in which some nonlinear vibration resulted should be particularly noted because such wing structure displays a low resonant frequency which is always optimal to be avoided for structural safety and stability.

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Jia, P. , Lai, S. , Zhang, W. and Lim, C. (2014) Experimental and FEM Modal Analysis of a Deployable-Retractable Wing. Modern Mechanical Engineering, 4, 183-197. doi: 10.4236/mme.2014.44018.

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