Stroke and Constipation
—Coincidence or Interrelated?


Emile Gautier once said, “Freedom of the bowels is the most precious, perhaps even the most essential, of all freedoms—one without which little can be accomplished.” This paper will explore the neuronal physiology, pathophysiology, theories regarding the correlation between stroke and constipation along with a few treatment options. Patients often recovering from stroke complain of constipation and it is most likely attributed to changes in diet, ambulation, or fluid balance. However, there are not many studies to reflect the correlation between other less significant symptoms and stroke presentation.

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Kasaraneni, J. and Hayes, M. (2014) Stroke and Constipation
—Coincidence or Interrelated?. Health, 6, 2743-2748. doi: 10.4236/health.2014.619313.

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