Spin-Dependent Transport in Carbon Nanotubes with Chromium Atoms


Method is developed for self-consistent calculation of the energy spectrum of free energy and electrical disordered crystals. Processes of electron scattering on the ionic core potential of different sort, fluctuations of charge, spin density and lattice vibrations are taken into account. Electronic states of the system are described using tight binding multiband model. The nature of the spin-dependent electron transport of carbon nanotubes with chromium atoms adsorbed on the surface is explained. The value of the spin polarization of electron transport is determined by the difference of the partial densities of states of electrons with opposite spin projection at the Fermi level and the difference between the relaxation times of electron states. The value of the spin polarization of the electric current increases with increasing of Cr atoms concentration and magnitude of the external magnetic field.

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Repetsky, S. , Tretyak, O. , Vyshivanaya, I. and Cheshkovskiy, D. (2014) Spin-Dependent Transport in Carbon Nanotubes with Chromium Atoms. Journal of Modern Physics, 5, 1896-1891. doi: 10.4236/jmp.2014.517184.

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