2.9 - 8.4 GHz Filter Bank Using Stub-Loaded Multi-Mode Resonators


This paper consolidates the activity of design and fabrication of 2.9 - 4.32 GHz, 4.3 - 6.42 GHz, and 6.4 - 8.4 GHz filter bank. Novel compact microstrip bandpass filters with stub-loaded multi-mode resonators are proposed. Simulated results indicate that all the filters exhibit insertion losses less than 1.5 dB with passband ripples of 1 dB and sharp attenuations of above 40 dB in their stopbands. The maximums of input and output VSWRs are 1.742 and 1.734, respectively. Due to fabrication error, the initial measured passbands show frequency shifts and insertion losses in upper passbands deteriorate seriously. After tuning of the filter bank, measured results imply that the input and output VSWRs are found lower than 2.135 and 2.187, and the insertion loss in 1 dB bandwidth is less than 2.52 dB. Filter bank has a sharp skirt and out-of-band rejection levels approaching to 40 dB in all desired stopbands except at the frequencies near 2f0.

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Yao, Y. and Fan, T. (2014) 2.9 - 8.4 GHz Filter Bank Using Stub-Loaded Multi-Mode Resonators. Journal of Electromagnetic Analysis and Applications, 6, 397-403. doi: 10.4236/jemaa.2014.613041.

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