Groundwater Assessment of Hand Dug Wells around Open Landfill in Ibadan Metropolis for Domestic and Irrigation Purposes


Geochemical assessment of groundwater samples from hand-dug wells within the vicinity of Aba-Eku dumpsite was carried out for domestic and irrigation purposes. Ten groundwater samples were collected both in dry season and wet season for analysis of physico-chemical parameters: pH, EC, TDS,The results of the analyses showed the groundwater samples to be within limits of WHO/NSDWQ. However, higher values of concentrations of the chemical constituents were noticed in well 5 nearer to the landfill. Interpretation of Piper diagram showed CaHCO3 to be dominant in the area. Alkaline earth metals  and weak acids  are dominant cations and anions over the alkalis and strong acids in both sessions. Groundwater in the study area is of hard, fresh and alkaline nature. Assessment for irrigation purpose showed that most of the water samples were suitable for irrigation purpose except in a few locations.

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Badmus, B. , Ozebo, V. , Idowu, O. , Ganiyu, S. and Olurin, O. (2014) Groundwater Assessment of Hand Dug Wells around Open Landfill in Ibadan Metropolis for Domestic and Irrigation Purposes. Journal of Water Resource and Protection, 6, 1412-1424. doi: 10.4236/jwarp.2014.615130.

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