The Research of Design of Human Resource Recruitment System Based on the Total Relationship Flow Management Theorems


With the development of knowledge economy, organizational strategic resource is more than the physical production such as capital, and it also includes the human resources characterized by skills, knowledge and intelligence. Recruitment as the first part of introducing talents, its quality directly influences the effect of introducing talents, more related to the long-term development of the enterprise. Therefore, building perfect recruitment system is not only an important part of the enterprise to get the resource, but also the key to support enterprise strategy implementation. Based on the total relationship flow management theory, this paper put forward suggestions to build an perfect recruitment system though designing the behaviors of the recruitment system, determining the appropriate relationship flow, and paying attention to time delay and system maintenance.

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Hu, F. (2014) The Research of Design of Human Resource Recruitment System Based on the Total Relationship Flow Management Theorems. Journal of Human Resource and Sustainability Studies, 2, 196-200. doi: 10.4236/jhrss.2014.24019.

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