Applications of a Streaming Video Server in a Mobile Phone Live Streaming System


This paper describes the entire process of completing a multicast streaming media server and applying it to a cellphone live streaming system. By using the RTSP protocol, the streaming media server controls the connection of video capture client, data stream reception and processing as well as playback interaction. The media server can publish real-time data from a data acquisition terminal or a historical data file in the server to the Web so that users on the network can view all the videos through a variety of terminals anytime and anywhere, without having to wait for all the data downloaded completely. The streaming media server of the system is developed based on an open-source streaming media library Live555. The developed server can run on a Windows or a Linux system. The standard RTSP/RTP protocol is used and the video media format is H264. The paper mainly introduces the design of a streaming media server, including data processing for real time, designing a data source, the implementation of multi-acquisition end and multi-player operation, RTSP interaction and RTP packaging, and the setting up of the data buffer in the server. Experiment results are given to show the effect of the system implementation.

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Wei, C. and Zhang, H. (2014) Applications of a Streaming Video Server in a Mobile Phone Live Streaming System. Journal of Software Engineering and Applications, 7, 975-982. doi: 10.4236/jsea.2014.712085.

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