Calcitonin Secretion under Insulin Hypoglycemia


The increasing secretion of calcitonin and hypocalcemia under insulin hypoglycemia, induced with insulin injection (1 IU/100g), was established. Physiological mechanisms of the stimulating effect of insulin hypoglycemia on calcitonin secretion were studied in double-side adrenalectomized and pancreatectomized rats and under the blocking synaptic transmission in sympathetic ganglions or via peripheral cholino- and adreno-receptor structures. Insulin hypoglycemia didn’t expose the increasing secretion of calcitonin in rats under adrenalectomy and pancreatectomy. Ganglion-blocker pentamin (2.5 mg/100g body weight), blocker of M-cholino-receptors atropine (0.2 ml), α-adreno-blocker tropaphen (0.1 mg/100g), and β-adreno-blocker obzidan (0.1 mg/100g) evoked the inhibiting effect on calcitonin secretion in spite of simultaneously increasing of hypog-lycemia. Corticosteroids and, obviously, glucagon and also the tone of autonomic nervous system via peripheral M-cholinoreactive and α- and β-adrenoreactive structures take part in the activation of calcitonin secretion under insulin hypoglycemia.

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Moisa, S. and Nozdrachev, A. (2014) Calcitonin Secretion under Insulin Hypoglycemia. Open Journal of Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases, 4, 231-237. doi: 10.4236/ojemd.2014.411023.

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