Geo-Social Profile Matching Algorithm for Dynamic Interests in Ad-Hoc Social Network


Among mobile users, ad-hoc social network (ASN) is becoming a popular platform to connect and share their interests anytime anywhere. Many researchers and computer scientists investigated ASN architecture, implementation, user experience, and different profile matching algorithms to provide better user experience in ad-hoc social network. We emphasize that strength of an ad-hoc social network depends on a good profile-matching algorithm that provides meaningful friend suggestions in proximity. Keeping browsing history is a good way to determine user’s interest, however, interests change with location. This paper presents a novel profile-matching algorithm for automatically building a user profile based on dynamic GPS (Global Positing System) location and browsing history of users. Building user profile based on GPS location of a user provides benefits to ASN users as this profile represents user’s dynamic interests that keep changing with location e.g. office, home, or some other location. Proposed profile-matching algorithm maintains multiple local profiles based on location of mobile device.

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Aneja, N. and Gambhir, S. (2014) Geo-Social Profile Matching Algorithm for Dynamic Interests in Ad-Hoc Social Network. Social Networking, 3, 240-247. doi: 10.4236/sn.2014.35029.

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