Design and Verification of Selected Technological Procedures for the Repairs of Land Vehicles Combat Damage


The paper deals with temporary repairs. Applying a different technology, using a reproduction part, or performing a repair by a serviceman without the competence is typical features of temporary repairs. Temporary repair makes possible for an object to fulfil its function for a limited time, until regular repairs can be made. The complexity perplex modern vehicles their reparability. It is necessary to look for the new procedures of the implementation so-called temporary repairs. The authors suggested procedure battle damage assessment and repair, which they expressed in the form of diagrams. There is also description of new technological procedures, which could be possibly applied in field of temporary repairs. These new procedures are applied on land (wheeled and tracked) vehicles parts and their sufficiency for Czech Army conditions is tested. The main purpose of the thesis is defining operating procedures of the most useful methods, including their verifications and proposal of tools needed for repairs. These tools should be included in equipment of vehicles operated in Czech Army. The thesis is primarily focused on repairs of mechanical parts and units and also of reparation of fuel, hydraulic and high pressure systems.

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Furch, J. , Glos, J. and Svásta, A. (2014) Design and Verification of Selected Technological Procedures for the Repairs of Land Vehicles Combat Damage. World Journal of Engineering and Technology,2,269-280.
doi: 10.4236/wjet.2014.24028.

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