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Synthesis and Performance Evaluation of Organic Bentonite Modifier Dimethyldistearylammonium Bromide (DODMAB)

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Dimethyldistearylammonium Bromide (DODMAB) is a bentonite modifier with good performance. In this experiment, 1-Bromooctadecane is the raw material, and completes tertiary amination and quaternization successively by changing the condition of experiment. The result is that the productivity can achieve 78.94% in the synthesis of DODMAB. It has been used in the experiment of bentonite modification and achieves good results; compared with using trimethylstearylammonium bromide as the organic modifier, the synthetic organic bentonite has better performance than the common organic modifier when used in the oil base drilling fluid of oilfield operation.

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Liu, Q. , Sun, A. , Fan, Z. , Wang, J. , Zhang, T. and Cheng, D. (2014) Synthesis and Performance Evaluation of Organic Bentonite Modifier Dimethyldistearylammonium Bromide (DODMAB). Open Journal of Composite Materials, 4, 220-223. doi: 10.4236/ojcm.2014.44024.


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