The Study of Green Compression Strength of a Green Sand Mould Using Statistical Approach


The study of green compression strength of a green sand mould using statistical approach has been undertaken. Empirically generated data in National Metallurgical Development Centre, Jos Sand Testing Laboratory were used for the study. Coefficient of correlation, coefficients of determination and coefficient of multiple determinations were used to explain the relationship existing between the two independent variables of clay and moisture content and green compression strength, the dependent variable. The study showed that the coefficient of determination for Ys: X1 was 0.88 while the coefficient of correlation was 0.94, coefficient of determination for Ys: X2 was 0.90 while the coefficient of correlation was 0.95 and the coefficient of multiple determination was 0.72; these coefficients assisted tremendously in the study of green compression strength. A mathematical model was developed for the prediction of green compression strength; it was tested and proved to be a good estimation tool for estimating green compression strength values on the foundry shop floor. The study has clearly shown that statistical approach is a good tool for studying green compression strength of green sand moulds.

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Ihom, A. and Offiong, A. (2014) The Study of Green Compression Strength of a Green Sand Mould Using Statistical Approach. Materials Sciences and Applications, 5, 876-882. doi: 10.4236/msa.2014.512089.

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