DC Motor Speed Control Using SMS Application


Motors are normally used for industrial control, automation and home electrical appliance. It spans everything from residential washing machines, fans, hand-held power tools, automotive window lift, traction control system, industrial drives and many more. Motor application is not completed without a control system. The inventions of microprocessor and microcontroller make the control system become easier. This control system is basically controlling the switch, speed, and direction of motor. Control signal is generated by a switch that is connected directly to the control circuit. In order to control and monitor the motor, user need to be at the place where the switch is located. In this system, mobile phone is used as a control switch. By sending text message using short message service (SMS) which is a part of the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM), control signal is sent wirelessly to the control circuit. By implementing GSM module on the control circuit of motor, it can enable the user to send text message that contain command from any mobile phone to that GSM module. The GSM module will receive the text command and send it to the microcontroller to be processed and converted into desired control signal. Controlling motor using SMS is really convenient and give mobility as the user is able to control and monitor the motor from anywhere as long as the places have coverage. Moreover, sending text message is considered very low cost and most of people have their own mobile phones and it already becomes one of the basic needs in life.

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Barsoum, N. and Moidi, I. (2014) DC Motor Speed Control Using SMS Application. Intelligent Control and Automation, 5, 205-212. doi: 10.4236/ica.2014.54022.

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