Umbilical Endometriosis without Pelvic Surgery


We report a recently observed case of primary umbilical endometriosis without previous pelvic surgery. A 41-year-old Japanese woman complained of umbilical nodular tumor. Histopathology revealed endometriosis of an approximate 10 mm resected mass. The stromal cells in endometriosis were immunohistochemically positive for CD10. Two months later the first umbilical surgery, she underwent a left salpingo-oophorectomy and release of adhesion around the left adnexa under a laparoscope. She was treated with dienogest (2 mg/day) for six months after four injections of GnRH analogue for four months. After three years of the follow-up, there were no signs of local relapse and no clinical and ultrasonographic abnormalities due to endometriosis.

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Niwa, K. , Mizuno, Y. , Yano, R. , Ueda, Y. , Narikawa, N. and Tanaka, T. (2014) Umbilical Endometriosis without Pelvic Surgery. Open Journal of Pathology, 4, 171-175. doi: 10.4236/ojpathology.2014.44022.

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