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Specific Surface Free Energy of As-Grown and Polished Faces of Synthetic Quartz

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Contact angles of water droplet on as-grown Z, +X, –X, and m faces of synthetic quartz crystals with growth term of 20 and 48 days, and polished Z, +X, –X, Y, and 45° cut faces of synthetic quartz crystal were observed. The average of the contact angles on as-grown Z, +X, and –X faces increased with the growth term, and they were larger than that on polished Z, +X, and –X faces. On the other hand, the average of the contact angles of water on m face decreased with the growth term, and they were smaller than that on polished Y cut face. Growth rate of the faces of synthetic crystals was measured and the order of growth rate was, m < –X < +X < Z. Specific surface free energy (SSFE) was calculated using Neumann’s equation. The SSFE of polished face was in the order of, m < –X < +X < Z, which corresponds to the order of the growth rate. The SSFE was larger for the face with larger growth rate.

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Suzuki, T. , Takahashi, K. , Kawasaki, M. and Kagami, T. (2014) Specific Surface Free Energy of As-Grown and Polished Faces of Synthetic Quartz. Journal of Crystallization Process and Technology, 4, 177-184. doi: 10.4236/jcpt.2014.44022.


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