Integrating a Trimble Recon X 400 MHz Intel PXA255 Xscale CPU® Mobile Field Data Collection System Using Differentially Corrected Global Positioning System Technology and a Real-Time Bidirectional Actionable Platform within an ArcGIS Cyberenvironment for Implementing Mosquito Control


In this research, we determined the feasibility of using a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) as a mobile field data collection system by monitoring mapping and regressing digitized sub-meter resolution polygons of multiple, malaria, mosquito, Anopheline arabiensis s.s., aquatic, larval, habitat covariates. The system employed QuickBird raster imagery displayed on a Trimble Recon X 400 MHz Intel PXA255 Xscale CPU®. The mobile mapping platform was employed to identify specific geographical locations of treated and untreated seasonal An. arabiensis s.s. aquatic larval habitats in Karima rice-village complex in the Mwea Rice Scheme, Kenya. As data pertaining to An. arabiensis s.s. larval habitats were entered, all treated and untreated rice paddies within a 2 km buffer of the agro-village, riceland-complex, epidemiological, study site were viewed and managed on the PDA.

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Jacob, B. and Novak, R. (2014) Integrating a Trimble Recon X 400 MHz Intel PXA255 Xscale CPU® Mobile Field Data Collection System Using Differentially Corrected Global Positioning System Technology and a Real-Time Bidirectional Actionable Platform within an ArcGIS Cyberenvironment for Implementing Mosquito Control. Advances in Remote Sensing, 3, 141-196. doi: 10.4236/ars.2014.33012.

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