Effect of Variable Viscosity, Dufour, Soret and Thermal Conductivity on Free Convective Heat and Mass Transfer of Non-Darcian Flow past Porous Flat Surface


The motion of incompressible fluid of a variable fluid viscosity and variable thermal conductivity with thermal radiation, Dufour, Soret with heat and mass transfer over a linearly moving porous vertical semi-infinite plate with suction is investigated. The governing equations are transformed into a system of coupled nonlinear ordinary differential equations using similarity transformations with dimensionless variables and solved numerically using shooting method with Runge-Kutta fourth-order method and Newton-Raphson’s interpolation scheme implemented in MATLAB. The result showed that with increase in Dufour and Soret parameter, fluid velocity increases and temperature increases with increase in variation of Dufour while, temperature decreases with increase in Soret. The effects of variable fluid viscosity, variable thermal conductivity, thermal radiation, Soret, Dufour, Prandtl and Schmidt parameters on the dimensionless velocity, temperature and concentration profiles are shown graphically.

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Animasaun, I. and Oyem, A. (2014) Effect of Variable Viscosity, Dufour, Soret and Thermal Conductivity on Free Convective Heat and Mass Transfer of Non-Darcian Flow past Porous Flat Surface. American Journal of Computational Mathematics, 4, 357-365. doi: 10.4236/ajcm.2014.44030.

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