Discussion on the Integrated Financing Mode of EMC and Carbon Trading


EMC (energy management contract) is a recognized energy-saving innovation pattern of technology, financing and management. But because of the consciousness problems, legal issues and policy oriented issues, EMC project has a series of problems. The financing difficulty is one of the main problems, which has seriously affected the sustainable development of energy service industry. Carbon trading is an arrangement of new carbon emission reduction system. If the EMC project is embedded into the carbon trading, it will realize the organic integration of contract energy management and carbon emission reduction. Not only can it make carbon trading market mechanism active, but also solve the bottleneck problem of EMC. This study attempts to construct financing mode of EMC and carbon emission combination to solve the difficult problem of financing contract energy and carbon trading inactive problem.

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Qin, Y. , Wang, H. , Wang, K. and Li, Z. (2014) Discussion on the Integrated Financing Mode of EMC and Carbon Trading. Low Carbon Economy, 5, 126-131. doi: 10.4236/lce.2014.53013.

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