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A New Method of the Production of the THZ Electromagnetic Wave and Electromagnetic Paticle’s Flows and Other Application

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This paper reveals that a new method of the production of the THZ electromagnetic wave and electromagnetic particle’s flows is using a solid-consisted body, and the solid-consisted body is formed of the polylayer’s parallel nonferromagnetic knitted conductance’s nets: when a large powered (around 1000 W) microwave (2.45 G) once comes into the solid-consisted body, a change from microwave to electromagnetic particle’s flows takes place and it does not have a place-phase of the wave by its reflection and transmission between net and other net limitless times; and when the surface-induction’s current produces the electron’s transition in the net-holes, the THZ electro-magnetic wave is produced, and the THZ electromagnetic wave is divided into two parts: single frequency and continuous spectrum. When the THZ electromagnetic wave and the electromagnetic particle’s flows illuminate the living beings, the living beings will live better.

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Ye, Y. , Fei, L. , Zhu, Y. , Jeff, C. , Huang, S. and Xia, S. (2014) A New Method of the Production of the THZ Electromagnetic Wave and Electromagnetic Paticle’s Flows and Other Application. Natural Science, 6, 1186-1196. doi: 10.4236/ns.2014.614106.


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