Corporate Social Responsibility


Enterprises should not only be profitable tools, but also be responsible citizenships. Corporate practices need a world structure to exceed imposed standards, go beyond present governments, and set goals for sustainable development. Multinational enterprises are responsive to the stake-holders’ needs. Therefore, enterprises must focus on productive stakes in the global economy, and include social responsibility “which creates long-term sustainability for corporate success by meeting the needs of all suppliers, investors and employees” into their ownership advantage. The perspective and implementation of CSR has important consequences for Multinational Enterprises through FDI in fostering development. This paper addresses the implication that pays attention to the active and passive ways of CSR in which MNEs or the Pre-MNEs can be affected in sustainable development. In order to promote awareness of the citizenship and incorporate SR practices into the workplace, qualitative and quantitative surveys were made. Generally, it can capitalize further from CSR real implementation, and other conclusions are also obtained from the analysis.

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Tai, F. and Chuang, S. (2014) Corporate Social Responsibility. iBusiness, 6, 117-130. doi: 10.4236/ib.2014.63013.

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