A Rare Middle Ear Cholesteatoma Complication behind Painless Swelling of the Temporozygomatic Region

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Complications of middle ear cholesteatoma are well described in the literature and are classified into two major categories: intratemporal and intracranial. They are due either to infection or to local extension of the disease and consequent invasion of surrounding tissues. We describe an unusual case of an extratemporal complication in a young woman who was treated at our service. Ten years previously she had undergone canal-wall-down tympanoplasty that did not achieve complete control of the disease. At this admission, the patient was found to have peculiar extension of the recurrent cholesteatoma into the temporozygomatic area. She underwent tympanoplasty of the canal wall using a targeted surgical technique. We resected the recurrent cholesteatoma en bloc without damaging the facial nerve despite extension of the mass to the ear and face. Follow-up was performed each year for 7 years without evidence of recurrence. Cholesteatomas are highly osteolytic, and extension of any residual cholesteatoma is unpredictable. Cholesteatoma of the middle ear requires a careful surgical approach to avoid complications, maintaining awareness of its possible extension into surrounding structures.

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Bruzzi, C. , Negri, M. , Casale, M. , Frari, V. , Salvinelli, F. and Galli, S. (2014) A Rare Middle Ear Cholesteatoma Complication behind Painless Swelling of the Temporozygomatic Region. Neuroscience and Medicine, 5, 196-199. doi: 10.4236/nm.2014.54022.

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